2014 Nissan Juke Jukey

Paintwork, Switchback Strips

2017 Juke mirror transplanted onto a 2011. Painted the interior, buffed the lenses, and installed switchback LED strips.

2011-2014 mirrors, no turn signal location:

2014 Nissan Juke Custom Side Mirror Blinker Tampa

2015-2017 mirrors, uneven and dim turn signal only light…Disassembled:


Starting point…body filler…polyester primer to smooth:


Paint down and installed switchback strips:


Buffed away the factory etching:


2014 Nissan Juke Custom Side Mirror Blinker Tampa

Custom wiring harness with JST connectors to control the strips is installed:


Loomed up properly through the firewall to the front of the car…It takes a lot of work to make this mess actually make sense ya know:



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