2017 Toyota Tacoma Headlights

Amber Reflector Mod, By13 Etching, Fog Lights, Paintwork, Projector Swap, RGB Halos

This is my 2nd headlight build for the 2016-2018 Tacoma model. This time it included fog lights. All blacked out interior, smoked amber replacements, MD2S projector swap, RGB halos, and LED bulbs.

First step: take apart the stock headlights and fog lights:


Then, let’s paint everything black:


Halos installed in fogs and mounted in headlight housings:


A look at the smoked amber replacements:

2017 Toyota Tacoma Custom Headlights Tampa

Complimentary By13 lens etching:

2017 Toyota Tacoma Custom Headlights Tampa

Projectors mounted and front lens assembled:


Coming together. ALLLL blacked out:




Fog lights going back together:

2017 Toyota Tacoma Custom Headlights Tampa

Wiring all tidied up. A LOT of new wiring:



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