• 2002 Mercedes R170 AMG Custom Headlights Tampa

Mercedes R170 Retrofit Headlights

1998-2004 Mercedes SLK320, SLK230, SLK32, AMG


These headlights are a direct replacement for any 1998-2004 Mercedes that has the R170 body style such as the SLK320, SLK230, SLK23, SLK32, and AMG versions of each aforementioned vehicle.  Such a beautifully classic car deserves high quality headlights!

The original OEM headlights use outdated halogen reflector bowl technology.  These headlights utilize the latest and greatest HID projector technology producing extremely bright light output in a street-legal beam pattern that won’t blind oncoming traffic.  Don’t be fooled by cheaply-made projector housings on ebay or amazon; those replacement housings are not designed for high quality controlled light output and will fail to deliver any impressive results.

We kept the traditional OEM-style chrome interior and added modern European flair with Panamera shrouds around a 3″ MD2S projector etched with the By13 signature.  The shrouds illuminate a bright pure white as a driving light and blink amber with the turn signal.  The signature etching proudly signifies the quality of the builder while adding an aesthetic finesse that does not affect the light output in any way.

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A side by side comparison of the original factory halogen output and the HID projector output:

Despite these pictures being taken during the daytime in a well-lit shop, you can clearly see the improved intensity, width, and control of the light output in these upgraded housings.  Night time visibility will no longer be a problem!


Kit will include everything needed to completely upgrade your current vehicle’s lighting system: retrofitted housings, Morimoto HID kit (bulbs, ignitors, ballasts) and appropriate wiring harness.  All product components come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and the housings have a 13 month craftsmanship warranty.  Price also includes free shipping to anywhere within the United States.


See them in action here!  https://youtu.be/Cu_6kJaesBs


All products are designed and intended for professional installation only.  This headlight kit is predominantly plug&play but proper understanding of how to use a DMM (digital multi-meter) to identify headlight and turn signal wiring is required in order to successfully complete this install.  Improper installation will void all warranty.


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